Some people like to clean their vehicles themselves, others like us to do it for them. To provide for this range of needs, The Clean provides the widest possible range of cleaning service options across our different site types.

Our aim is to provide the best possible cleaning experience for everyone. Take a look at some of the services we offer below.


Available 24/7

The Clean uses the latest automatic brush machines providing world class cleaning while you sit in your vehicle. You can also pay at the machine meaning you don't even have to get out of your car!


Available 24/7

Our Self Service bays allow you to wash your vehicle yourself. The range of different wash and wax functions provided ensures the best possible clean. You can pick and choose the functions you want to use. Bays are configured to take vehicles of all sizes.


Available when staffed

For those wanting their vehicles cleaned to the highest possible quality without having to clean it themselves, The Clean provides a range of exceptional valet options. Simply drop off your vehicle (or arrange for it to be picked up), sit back and relax, or go shopping while our professional staff clean your vehicle for you.


Available 24/7

Our range of vacuum machines provide not only vacuums but also carpet/upholstery shampoo machines and fragrance guns. Rubbish bins are also provided beside all vacuums.


Available 24/7

To provide that finishing touch to every clean, several accessory vending products are available. These include Armoral polish sponges, Blue Shams (for drying), and window cleaning cloths. These are usually located beside the change machines. Use our change machines at any time.


Available 24/7

For something a little different, The Clean also offers dog washing services. Using a secure machine, customers can clean their dogs using warm water, shampoo and even a blow dryer!

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